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Fagen, Inc. is an employee owned contractor headquartered in Granite Falls, MN. Being employee owned means we go above and beyond what is needed to make sure your project is second to none. Every employee at Fagen, Inc. takes ownership in their contribution to our team's success. Our success is your success.

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Green Plains Partnership

Green Plains Inc. has selected Fagen, Inc. as the general contractor to construct and install Fluid Quip Technologies’ MSC™ system for its biorefining platform. This technology represents the cornerstone of Green Plains’ transformation into a leading global ag tech company focused on sustainable, value added products.

“Selecting Fagen to complete the construction of MSC technology across our platform is another pivotal milestone in delivering on our 2024 objectives,” said Todd Becker, president and chief executive officer of Green Plains. “Fagen is the premier engineering and construction firm in the biorefining space with an unrivaled history as a high quality, reliable construction partner capable of large scale, duplicative and complex project management. When combined with the innovative technology from Fluid Quip, we believe we have created a world class partnership to deliver on the expansion of Ultra-High Protein across our platform by 2024.”

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Representative Projects

Shell Rock Soybean Processing Facility

Full EPC Wrap 3,300 tons per day Soybean Processing Facility

Green Plains Inc.

Fagen, Inc. is the exclusive construction partner for multiple high protein additions

Olive Creek Phase 1

Fagen, Inc. is the mechanical, piping and instrumentation contractor for a natural gas to carbon black and hydrogen manufacturing plant.

Cotton Plains Wind Farm & Old Settler Wind Farm

Cotton Plains - The BOP EPC of twenty-one (21) GE 2.4 MW Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs).
Old Settler - The BOP EPC of sixty-three (63) GE 2.4 MW Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs).

Marquis Energy, LLC

Fagen, Inc. was the EPC contractor for a 120 MMGY dry grind ethanol production facility.

Astoria Station

Fagen, Inc. is the general contractor for a 250 MW simple cycle power plant. Our scope includes BOP, procurement and general works package.

Seaboard Energy

6,500 barrel-per- day Renewable Diesel Refinery

GNS Facility

Full EPC Grain Neutral Spirits Hydrous Alcohol Facility (25 MMGPY System)

NorthWestern Energy Huron Generating Station Addition

EPC Nominal 57 MW power plant addition (6 x Caterpillar G20CM34 60 Hz, Natural Gas)

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